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Week 3: SlaveVoyages.org Blog Post

Due in class (300 words)

Explore "The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database” and develop a a well-bounded research question about the transatlantic slave trade. (Examples: How did the slave trade to Brazil and to Spanish America differ between 1810 and 1815? How did the gender ratio of slaves arriving to Brazil change between 1790 and 1810?) Decide which variables you need to select to answer your research question. In the search results, click along the tabs at the top to see the information represented in different formats. Copy the URL of each search to include in your blog post.

Write a blog post that identifies your research question and how you decided to use the database to answer it. Analyze the results of the search. Include the search URL so that others can see the tables, maps, and graphs that you analyze. Discuss what kind of information you included and how it helps you to answer your research question.